Dr. Charles Newell Receives ITRC Industry Recognition Award

Each ITRC Team recognizes industry members for their outstanding contributions to ITRC.  Dr. Charles Newell (Houston) has received the 2016 ITRC Industry Recognition Award for his work on Remediation of Complex Sites Team.  He served as the Chapter Lead for development of Chapter 3, “Remediation Potential Assessment” which provides site owners, consultants, regulators, and other stakeholders a framework for assessing remediation potential at complex sites.  The ITRC Team is led by Carl Spreng of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and John Price of the Washington State Department of Ecology with Rula Deeb of Geosyntec serving as the Program Advisor for the Complex Sites Team.   To the delight of GSI’s accounting team, GSI will receive a 25% discount on their ITRC membership fee next year.

ITRC is a public-private coalition working to reduce barriers to the use of innovative environmental technologies that reduce compliance costs and maximize cleanup efficacy. ITRC produces documents and training that broaden and deepen technical knowledge and expedite quality regulatory decision making while protecting human health and the environment. 

For more information about GSI’s involvement on the ITRC Remediation of Complex Sites team, contact Dr. Charles Newell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 713-522-6300.