GSI Provides Distribution of the Animated Information System (AIS) for Groundwater Assessment and Remediation

GSI was recently authorized by Shell to provide international distribution of the Animated Information System (AIS) for Groundwater Assessment and Remediation.  The AIS was developed by hydrogeologists, environmental scientists, and engineers at Shell to help facilitate an understanding of hydrogeology, contaminant migration in soil and groundwater, site assessment, and remediation. The AIS software is free of charge and provides a visualization approach that incorporates 3-D animation and state-of-the-art graphics into an interactive format. The tool focuses on petroleum releases from underground storage tanks (USTs), but many of the concepts have much broader applicability. The AIS can be used as a platform to introduce key concepts related to most sites and important regulatory issues.  Other key features of the AIS as well as a users guide can be found in the Introduction pdf (GSI LORAX Animated Information Systems V2 Intro) found here.

Included with the AIS tool (Version 2) are various overviews and a tutorial (in multiple languages including:  Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, and French); however, additional training is available to help users fully understand and utilize the power of the AIS.  While at Shell, Curt Stanley was the lead developer of the AIS and led various training programs for Shell staff, consultants, regulators, and academics across the globe.  This training is now available through GSI and more information can be found here

Click here to download the AIS and sign up for updates


For more information about the AIS or to request information on training opportunities, please contact Curt Stanley at 713-522-6300 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.