Chuck Newell Wins Several Awards at ITRC’s Annual Meeting

At the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC) Annual Meeting in New Orleans on March 28, 2017, Dr. Chuck Newell was honored with multiple awards for his long-term contributions to ITRC.  Dr. Newell was given the Industry Recognition Award for his work on the Remediation Management of Complex Sites Team. He also received an Environmental Excellence Award for his “expert contributions to advancing the ITRC mission”.  Finally, Dr. Newell was one of six nominees for ITRC's first annual Lifetime Achievement Award, which was awarded to Tom Schneider of Ohio EPA at this same event.

For roughly 10 years, Dr. Newell has been a constant and important presence at ITRC.  He has been a team leader or member on several teams and has served as a principal co-author or major contributor to the following important documents:

•     Measurement of Mass Flux/ Mass Discharge (2010) 
•     Integrated DNAPL Site Strategy (2011)
•     Integrated Site Characterization (2015)
•     Remediation Management of Complex Sites team (pending completion).
•     Fractured Rock Characterization and Remediation team (on-going). 

In addition, Dr. Newell has successfully recruited other leading experts in the field of environmental science, from both academia and industry, to participate in ITRC work groups, thereby ensuring that ITRC documents represent the cutting edge of science and policy. 

Dr. Chuck Newell with Naji Akladiss (Maine Department of Environmental Protection) at the ITRC awards reception, March 28, 2017.