GSI Presentations at Upcoming Battelle Symposium in Miami

GSI will be very active at Battelle’s Fourth International Symposium on Bioremediation and Sustainable Environmental Technologies. This conference will be held May 22 – 25 in Miami, Florida and will feature technical experts on a variety of topics related to contaminant remediation. Here’s a rundown of what GSI will be doing at the conference:

Chuck Newell:

  • Presentation (1) Current Developments in Thermal NSZD Monitoring: Application at an LNAPL Research Site
  • Presentation (2) From Horizontal to Vertical: Uncovering the Key Processes Driving Hydrocarbon Source Zone MNA
  • Session Chair for “Amendment Delivery Strategies”
  • Instructor for short course “Comprehensive DNAPL Guidance: Integrated DNAPL Site Strategy, Mass Flux Discharge, and Bioremediation of DNAPL Sites”

Rob Scofield:

  • Presentation (1) Monitored Natural Attenuation and Health Risk Assessment for TPH
  • Presentation (2) Health Risk Assessment of PFASs in Soils and Crops from the Land Application of Biosolids

Tom McHugh:

  • Presentation (1) A Breath of Fresh Air: Evaluating the Role of Sewer Pathways in Vapor Intrusion
  • Presentation (2) Scrubbing Bubbles: The Importance of Sample Collection Method for Measuring Methane in Groundwater

Stephen Richardson:

  • Presentation - Microbial Diversity of Produced Water Sources for Oil and Gas Development

Curt Stanley:

  • Session Chair for “Combined Approaches for the Remediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons”

John Connor:

  • Session Chair for “MNA for Achieving Site Goals”

Conference website:

For more information on these presentations, please contact Chuck Newell via e-mail here.