GSI Publishes Peer-Reviewed Paper on Application of Natural Resource Valuation Concepts for Groundwater Remediation

John Connor and several colleagues at GSI recently published a peer-reviewed article entitled “Application of natural resource valuation concepts for development of sustainable remediation plans for groundwater” in the Journal of Environmental Management. The article is directed toward resolving two important questions regarding remediation of contaminated groundwater:

1) Value of the Groundwater Resource: How can we match the effort and cost of groundwater remediation to the lost value of the groundwater resource?  Proper characterization of the pre-existing beneficial use of the water resource is key to scoping of the remediation effort.

2) Value Restoration, Not Loss: How can we insure that the remediation does more good than harm to the water resource?  Certain remediation technologies, while directed toward protection of human health, may not be protective of the groundwater resource itself.

Practical Guidelines: To address these challenges, the paper provides practical guidelines for selecting a remediation plan that restores the lost services and preserves the intact services of the groundwater resource so as to protect both current and future users.  The paper will be useful to practitioners for development of sustainable remediation strategies, as well as in dispute resolution for assessment of remediation plans and costs that may be disproportionate to the lost value of the impacted groundwater.

Click here to download a copy of the open-access article. 

For more information on this paper or to discuss natural resource valuation concepts for groundwater, please contact John Connor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 713-522-6300.