GSI Staff Awarded Patent for New Long-Duration Groundwater Sampler

Dr. Thomas McHugh, Ms. Lisa Molofsky, Dr. David Adamson, and Dr. Charles Newell have been awarded a patent (No. 9,938,682) for the TIGER™ Sampler, a long-exposure, time-integrated sampler for measuring VOC concentrations in groundwater.

The TIGER™ sampler is passive sampler used to measure average VOC concentrations in groundwater over a deployment period of up to six months. In addition to lowering monitoring costs and significantly reducing field labor requirements, the TIGER samplers greatly reduces event-to-event variability in measured VOC concentrations. The higher quality monitoring results provided by the TIGER™ Sampler allow for a more accurate evaluation of remedy effectiveness, concentration trends, and attenuation rates.

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For more information about the TIGER™ sampler please contact Tom McHugh at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..