GSI to Co-Present SERDP-ESTCP Webinar on REMChlor-MD

Dr. Charles Newell and Dr. Shahla Farhat will serve as presenters for a webinar on “The REMChlor-MD Groundwater Transport and Remediation Model for Sites with Matrix Diffusion” on February 7, 2019.  This will be a joint presentation with Dr. Ron Falta of Clemson University and will describe the exciting new software product (REMChlor-MD) from Dr. Falta’s recently-completed ESTCP project. REMChlor-MD is a free, publicly-available contaminant transport screening model that is designed to improve decision-making at sites where contaminants in the low permeability zones can represent a long-term source of contamination following remediation of high permeability zones due to the phenomena of back diffusion ( GSI is a co-PI on this project and has helped develop the software and guidance documents.

This free webinar is sponsored by the SERDP and ESTCP and designed to help transfer technical information generated by their research efforts to practitioners, the regulatory community, and environmental researchers.

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