Kenneth Walker, Lead author for cutting-edge technical paper on mulch biowall performance

GSI’s Kenneth (Neth) Walker, P.E., is the lead author on a cutting-edge technical paper that was accepted for publication in the Groundwater Monitoring & Remediation journal and published January 9, 2020. Co-Authors include Travis McGuire and David Adamson of GSI, as well as R. Hunter Anderson (AFCEC).

The article entitled, “Long-term evaluation of mulch biowall performance to treat chlorinated solvents”, addresses whether permeable reactive barriers (PRBs), such as mulch biowalls, sustain degradation of chlorinated volatile organic compounds (CVOCs) over time. The evaluation of multiple biowall segments occurred at Altus Air Force Base approximately 10 years after biowall installation. Multiple lines of evidence demonstrated the ongoing and long-term efficacy of the mulch biowalls to treat CVOC concentrations, including: CVOC concentration patterns and decay rates, the biowall geochemical environment, the biowall mulch composition, the microbial environment, and downgradient effects.

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