GSI, Navy, and Clemson collaborate for cutting-edge technical paper on numerical modeling of matrix diffusion

GSI’s Shahla Farhat, Ph.D., is the lead author on a cutting-edge technical paper that was published in the Groundwater Monitoring & Remediation journal on April 20, 2020. Co-authors include David Adamson and Chuck Newell of GSI, Arun Gavaskar and Sophia Lee  of Navy’s NAVFAC EXWC, and Ron Falta of Clemson University.

The article entitled, “Vertical Discretization Impact in Numerical Modeling of Matrix Diffusion in Contaminated Groundwater”, illustrates the nature and magnitude of the potential problems that may occur when conventional numerical groundwater flow and transport models are used to answer remediation effectiveness and timeframe questions at contaminated groundwater sites impacted by matrix diffusion.  Matrix diffusion is currently recognized as a key reason to why contaminated sites exhibit sustained dissolved contaminant concentrations during long-term natural attenuation monitoring after in-situ remediation has been performed. 

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