Linda Hall wins ITRC award for PFAS work

Linda Hall was awarded the ITRC 2020 “Industry Affiliate Program Member of the Year”
LindaHallAwardFrom the award announcement:  “Since 2017 Linda led various efforts for the PFAS team, including establishing the process for maintaining and updating the ITRC’s online tables which track state and international PFAS guidance values. In the past 18 months, Linda has shown exceptional skill in steering the development of the human and ecological health effects section of the PFAS guidance document. In addition, she is the expert speaker featured in the recently released PFAS Human and Ecological Effects training video module. Her many technical presentations at conferences help to enhance ITRC’s reputation for attracting top experts to our technical teams. Thank you for your commitment to ITRC!”

ITRC PFAS technical resources can be found here 

For more information on GSI’s PFAS work, please contact Linda Hall at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..