Lauren Santi co-authors two new stable isotope papers on constraining ancient air temperatures and ocean chemistry.

Lauren Santi is the lead author on a recently-published article titled “Clumped isotope constraints on changes in latest Pleistocene hydroclimate in the northwestern Great Basin: Lake Surprise, CA” in GSA Bulletin. The authors used isotopic analysis of carbonate sediments taken from ancient lake shorelines to constrain past temperatures. These paleotemperature reconstructions were fed into a model for evaporation and precipitation rates to understand past climate change trends and better predict how future climate forcings will impact current hydroclimates.

Lauren Santi is also a co-author on another new article titled “A record of the 44/40Ca and [Sr] of seawater over the last 100 million years from fossil elasmobranch enamel” in Earth and Planetary Science Letters (EPSL). The project team used enamel from fossil elasmobranch (shark) teeth to infer long-term changes in the chemical composition of the ocean. The authors attributed observed trends to changes in the partitioning of the global carbonate sink associated with the development of a deep-sea carbonate reservoir in the mid-Mesozoic.

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