Update Release for USG-Transport

Update Release for USG-Transport
Dispersion Experiments – plume spread is larger in direction of higher dispersion; Plume spread is same at steady-state conditions, for a set of dispersion coefficients regardless of the velocity.

An updated version of the USG-Transport code (version 1.6.0) has been released. Please go to the following GSI Website to download the software: https://www.gsi-net.com/en/software/free-software/modflow-usg.html.

USG-Transport is an enhancement of the public domain MODFLOW-USG code to include simulation of solute transport. The code solves for transport of multiple solute species in the flow-field derived by a MODFLOW-USG simulation. Flow and transport through the Groundwater Flow (GWF) domain representing the porous medium and the Connected Linear Network (CLN) domain representing linear features such as fractures, conduits, streams or channels are fully coupled. Density coupling of flow and transport is also simulated for saltwater intrusion evaluations.

Version 1.0.0 of USG-Transport was released in October 2017. Later version releases included documentation and code for several additional capabilities, and bug fixes to the code and documentation. The major update for Version 1.6.0 is the inclusion of CLN coordinates such that CLNs can be accurately located in GUIs or as required. This version also includes an option to run transport from a completed flow simulation, restart options for transport, some BHE specific upgrades, updates to the documentation and bug fixes. The readme file that is included with the download details the enhancements and changes made in each version following the initial release of Version 1.0.0.

For more information about MOD-FLOW contact Sorab Panday, PhD: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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