Kate E. Richards, P.G., CHG

Ms. Richards has ten years of experience in field hydrogeologic investigations, analysis of hydrogeologic data, developing site conceptual models, and developing and applying numerical models of groundwater flow and transport and groundwater/surface-water interactions.  She has a variety of project experience including litigation support, site remediation, water resources, mining, geotechnical support, and river restoration.  Her responsibilities include project management, data analysis, conceptual model development, numerical model development, development and organization of reports, work plans and field sampling plans, project proposals and cost estimates, and interacting with clients and regulators on client’s behalf.  Her field experience includes hydraulic testing, logging soil characteristics using the united Soil Classification System, soil and groundwater sampling, water level measurements, measurements of water quality parameters, and drilling projects employing mud rotary, sonic, auger, and direct push drilling methods.  She has extensive experience developing site conceptual models, analyzing hydraulic testing data and performing data analysis and data management using ArcGIS, MS Access, Matlab, and Visual Basic.  Ms. Richards has developed groundwater and groundwater/surface water numerical models using Groundwater Vistas, MODFLOW-USG, MODFLOW-SURFACT, MODHMS, Visual MODFLOW, MODFLOW 96, 2000, 2005, MT3D, MODPATH, mod-PATH3DU, FEFLOW, Winflow, and Hydrus 1D.  Numerical modeling experience includes assessing injection zones, capture zones, contaminant release scenarios, water management alternatives, remediation alternatives, dewatering alternatives, slope stability, stream and wetland depletion, and fate and transport of contaminants.  In addition, Ms. Richards has experience managing and mentoring staff.

Rev. November 2016