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Over the years GSI Environmental Inc. employees have authored and co-authored a variety of technical papers and publications; below is a selection of our work. When possible a PDF link to the document is provided. When a PDF is not available a link to the source is provided.

Authors Title Published
Newell, RossEstimating Potential for Occurrence of DNAPL at Superfund Sites1991View
Morter, Domingo, FarhatRotationally resolved spectrum of the v1 CH stretch of the propargyl radical (H2CCCH)1991View
Newell, Connor, Wilson, McHughImpact of Dissolution of Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (DNAPLs) on Groundwater Remediation1991View
Newell, ConnorAssessment, Field Testing, and Conceptual Design for Managing Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (DNAPLs) at a Superfund Site1991View
Newell, Connor, WilsonPilot Test for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Enhanced In-Situ Biodegradation for Soil Remediation1990View
Newell, Hopkins, BedientA Hydrogeologic Database for Ground-Water Modeling1990View
Newell, Haasbeek, BedientOASIS: A Graphical Decision Support System for Ground-Water Contaminant Modeling1990View
de BlancProtect real estate investments with environmental assessments1989View
Connor, Newell, WilsonAssessment, Field Testing, and Conceptual Design for Managing Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (DNAPLs) at a Superfund Site1989View
Hejtmancik, Holcomb, Howard, VanderfordIn vitro amplification of the alpha sub(1)-antitrypsin gene1989View
Jinks, Minter, Tarver, Vanderford, Hejtmancik, McCabeMolecular genetic diagnosis of sickle cell disease using dried blood specimens on blotters used for newborn screening1989View
Freeberg, Bedient, ConnorModeling of TCE Contamination and Recovery in a Shallow Sand Aquifer1987View
Newell, Baca, BedientSubsidence-Based Safe Yield for a Gulf Coast Aquifer', Presented at the American Geophysical Union Spring Meeting, AGU, Baltimore, Maryland 1986View
Todd, Connor, HopeHouston Report: Air Quality, Water Quality, Solid Waste Management1985View
Connor, BlackburnA Critical Examination of the Small Quantity Generator Exemption1984View
Yare, Connor, SchaezlerOrganic Contaminant Control in a Gulf Coast Aquifer1983View
Baca, Bedient, OlsenUrban Impacts of Water Supply Reservoir1982View
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