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Over the years GSI Environmental Inc. employees have authored and co-authored a variety of technical papers and publications; below is a selection of our work. When possible a PDF link to the document is provided. When a PDF is not available a link to the source is provided.

Authors Title Published
Newell, McLeod, Gonzales, WilsonBIOSCREEN, Natural Attenuation Decision Support System - User's Manual, Version 1.31996View
ConnorWisconsin RBCA Fact Sheet1996View
Implementability of Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA) in Wisconsin1996View
Connor, Malander, Guiseppi-ElieRBCA: State Risk Plicy/Strategy Issues Workbook1996View
ConnorTier 2 RBCA Guidance Manual for Risk-Based Corrective Action1995View
Newell, Winters, Miller, Gonzales, Rafai, WiedemeierModeling Intrinsic Remediation With Multiple Electron Acceptors: Results From Seven Sites1995View
DeVaull, ConnorTier 1 Guidance Manual for Risk-Based Corrective Action and Overview of the Process1995View
Newell, Acree, Ross, HulingLight Nonaqueous Phase Liquids1995View
RBCA Spreadsheet System and Modeling Guidelines Version 1.0.1995View
NORM Waste Minimization Using In-Situ Treatment Method1994View
Connor, Newell, Nevin, RafaiGuidelines for Use of Groundwater Spreadsheet Models in Risk-Based Corrective Action Design1994View
Newell, Bowers, RafaiImpact of Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (NAPLs) on Groundwater Remediation1994View
Morter, Farhat, Adamson, Glass, CurlRate Constant Measurement of the Recombination Reaction C3H3 + C3H31994View
Adamson, Farhat, Morter, Glass, CurlReaction of NH2 with O1994View
Chiang, Petkovsky, Beltz, Rouse, Boyd, Newell, McHughAn Enhanced Aerobic Bioremediation System at a Central Production Facility - System Design and Data Analysis1993View
Farhat, Morter, GlassTemperature dependence of the rate of reaction of C2H with H2.1993View
Stephens, Morter, Farhat, Glass, CurlBranching Ratio of the Reaction NH2 + NO at Elevated Temperatures1993View
Seminar on Characterizing and Remediating Dense Nonaqueous Phase Liquids at Hazardous Waste Sites1993View
Morter, Farhat, CurlThe v~1 fundamental of HCCN: evidence for quasilinearity1993View
ConnorGSI User's Guide: Texas Risk Reduction Rules for Closure/Remediation1993View
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