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Over the years GSI Environmental Inc. employees have authored and co-authored a variety of technical papers and publications; below is a selection of our work. When possible a PDF link to the document is provided. When a PDF is not available a link to the source is provided.

Authors Title Published
McDade, Connor, Paquette, SmallExceptionally Long MTBE Plumes of the Past Have Greatly Diminished2015View
Adamson, Chapman, Farhat, Parker, de Blanc, NewellSimple Modeling Tool for Reconstructing Source History Using High Resolution Contaminant Profiles From Low-k Zones2015View
Adamson, Anderson, Mahendra, NewellEvidence of 1,4-Dioxane Attenuation at Groundwater Sites Contaminated with Chlorinated Solvents and 1,4-Dioxane2015View
Connor, Kamath, Walker, McHughReview of Quantitative Surveys of the Length and Stability of MTBE, TBA, and Benzene Plumes in Groundwater at UST Sites2015View
Truex, Vermeul, Adamson, Oostrom, Zhong, Mackley, Fritz, Horner, Johnson, Thomle, Newcomer, Johnson, Rysz, Wietsma, NewellField Test of Enhanced Remedial Amendment Delivery Using a Shear-Thinning Fluid2015View
Adamson, Chapman, Farhat, Parker, de Blanc, NewellCharacterization and Source History Modeling Using Low-k Zone Profiles at Two Source Areas2015View
McHugh, Rauch, Paquette, Connor, DausLife Cycle of Methyl tert-Butyl Ether in California Public Water Supply Wells2014View
Bowers, SmithConstituents of potential concern for human health risk assessment of petroleum fuel releases 2014View
Beckley, Gorder, Dettenmaier, Rivera-Duarte, McHughOn-Site Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) Analysis to Streamline Vapor Intrusion Investigations2014View
Mok, Aw, Wright, CooleyProbabilistic Dam Erosion Risk Evaluation2014View
Betz, Mok, Papaioannou, StraubBayesian Model Calibration using Structural Reliability Methods: Application to the Hydrological abc Model2014View
Adamson, Chapman, Mahler, Newell, Parker, Pitkins, Rossi, SingletaryMembrane Interface Probe Protocol for Contaminants in Low-Permeability Zones2014View
Adamson, Mahendra, Walker, Rauch, Sengupta, NewellA Multisite Survey To Identify the Scale of the 1,4-Dioxane Problem at Contaminated Groundwater Sites2014View
Adamson, McHugh, Rysz, Landazuri, Seyedabbasi, Haas, NewellOn-Site Vapor-Phase Analysis as a Novel Approach for Monitoring Groundwater Wells2014View
Adamson, NewellFrequently Asked Questions about Monitored Attenuation in Groundwater2014View
Liu, Xiu, Liu, Wu, Adamson, Newell, Vikesland, Tsai, AlvarezPerfluorooctanoic acid degradation in the presence of Fe(III) under natural sunlight2013View
McHugh, Kulkarni, Newell, Connor, GargProgress in Remediation of Groundwater at Petroleum Sites in California2013View
Hadley, NewellThe New Potential for Understanding Groundwater Contaminant Transport2013View
Kuder, van Breukelen, Vanderford, Philp3D-CSIA: Carbon, Chlorine, and Hydrogen Isotope Fractionation in Transformation of TCE to Ethene by a Dehalococcoides Culture2013View
Vanderford, Marquardt, HunterMAROS 3.0: Long-Term Monitoring Statistical and Decision Logic Software2013View
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