Oil & Gas Services

GSI has provided environmental consulting services to oil and gas operators and service companies for over 25 years, with projects related to upstream, refining, and petrochemical properties. GSI has completed projects throughout the U.S., as well as Latin America, Canada, and the Middle East. GSI works with numerous organizations to develop new tools to characterize, control, and remedy environmental risks with oil and gas exploration and production including shale gas and other unconventional sources.

Environmental Management, Investigation and Remediation for Oil and Gas Facilities

GSI’s experts have extensive environmental management experience at oil and gas facilities, including environmental audits and investigations throughout North America, Latin America, Western Africa, and the Middle East. We have a thorough understanding of the potential environmental issues unique to each oil and gas facility, so we can customize investigation and remediation activities accordingly.

Oil and Gas Due Diligence

Identifying and quantifying environmental risks can be a critical part of many oil and gas transactions. GSI provides environmental due diligence services that reveal and characterize contamination at onshore and offshore facilities and pipelines. We work closely with transaction teams and outside counsel in the US and abroad to prevent liabilities and the significant costs associated with them.

Oil and Gas Permits

Exploration and production (E&P) activities can have environmental impacts. Shale gas development activities pose new challenges for water management. GSI has expertise in managing environmental issues for oil and gas operations. We assess potential environmental effects, remediation design and costing, compliance audits, stray gas investigations, permits, water management and overall risk.

Regulatory Compliance Audits for Oil & Gas Facilities

Keeping oil and gas operations in compliance in an evolving regulatory environment is challenging. Proactive audits of facilities and operations are key to managing risks. GSI has inspected active oil and gas operations for compliance with applicable environmental and safety regulations, industry guidance, and corporate policy in the United States and internationally.

Stray Gas Investigations

Methane gas seepage can occur naturally, or as a result of gas well drilling operations. Gas well operations can create instances of stray methane gas seepage into local groundwater sources, creating significant risks to human health. GSI’s collection of tools, including isotopic signatures, allow us to pinpoint the source of potential methane impacts on groundwater.

Baseline Sampling

Baseline sampling of surface water and groundwater chemical conditions is a vital pre-drilling step in determining the impacts of industrial oil and gas drilling activities on nearby water sources. GSI gathers, analyzes and characterizes the chemical make-up of pre-drill water samples and compares the results against post-drill samples to determine the impact of drilling activities.

Water Supply, Treatment, & Disposal Strategies:

GSI has developed water balance software tools to plan and optimize water demand and transport for drilling and hydraulic fracturing operations; and treatment, transport, recycle, and disposal of flowback water.