GSI has navigated the complexities of domestic and international environmental legislation, regulations, and policy since our founding in 1986. We determine the applicability of environmental regulatory and permitting requirements to client operations, and develop strategies for managing the requirements to ensure compliance. From site selection to facility closure, GSI has experience managing permitting and compliance issues for all environmental media along with management of hazardous and nonhazardous waste, RCRA permitting, CERCLA Superfund site management, storm water management, naturally-occurring radioactive materials (NORM), underground storage tanks, community right-to-know, pollution prevention planning, and oil and gas permitting.

RCRA / Hazardous Waste Management

GSI’s seasoned staff efficiently guide our clients through the maze of hazardous waste requirements and regulations. We prepare permit renewals; conduct compliance audits; and assist with waste characterization, transportation and disposal; and assist with closure of individual units or entire facilities. We conduct RCRA facility investigations, evaluate risk, and develop cost-effective strategies for Corrective Measures.

CERCLA / Superfund Site Management

GSI helps clients navigate the complex issues associated with Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) sites. We conduct remedial investigations/feasibility studies (RI/FS), risk assessments, remedy selection, site close out, cost recovery, liability allocation, community involvement, and long-term site monitoring, working effectively with regulators throughout the process.

Storm Water Permitting & Compliance

GSI staff have extensive experience providing all aspects of NPDES and storm water compliance services to industrial, municipal, and construction industry clients. We actively represent the interests of our clients, helping guide them through the rapidly changing regulatory environment at the local, state, and national level.

Long-Term Monitoring Optimization – Regulatory Compliance

Effective remediation of many environmental sites requires long-term monitoring. GSI has designed and implemented numerous innovative and cost-effective long-term monitoring programs to support both natural attenuation and pump-and-treat remedies. We optimize long-term monitoring of well monitoring networks and perform hydrogeologic site investigations at large and complex sites.

Vapor Intrusion Compliance

GSI conducts vapor intrusion assessments utilizing state-of-the-art air monitoring tools.