Risk Assessment

GSI is a recognized leader in the application of risk assessment to solve complex environmental issues and develop practical solutions to problems that affect our clients. GSI has conducted human health and ecological risk assessments at hundreds of sites and has developed efficient systems, including the RBCA Toolkit, to support effective risk assessment and risk management strategies. Our practitioners are nationally and internationally recognized in the areas of risk-based property assessment, vapor intrusion, air toxics, product safety and stewardship, and strategic risk management planning.

Site Risk Assessment

GSI’s extensive risk assessment experience includes evaluations of hundreds of contaminated sites involving a wide range of contaminants, exposure media, transport mechanisms, receptors and regulatory programs. Focusing on risk from the outset of the project facilitates focused and accurate site investigations to support appropriate and cost-effective remedies.

Product Safety/ Proposition 65

GSI helps our clients to address the highly complex regulatory requirements of California’s Proposition 65 and Safer Consumer Products program, the U.S. Product Safety Commission and other State programs. Our experts combine a detailed understanding of the regulations with extensive experience in evaluating potential chemical exposures via food, consumer products and environmental media.

Air Toxics Risk Assessment

We combine expertise in dispersion modeling, chemical fate and transport, and human health risk assessment to deliver unbiased, relevant and cost-effective evaluations of air toxics to facilitate vital decision making. We have performed multi-facility emissions evaluations of air toxics for CEQA and California’s Air Toxics Hot Spots Program (AB-2588) analyses.

Risk Management/ Risk Communication

GSI has helped clients to strategically manage risks associated with their facilities and sites on a portfolio-wide basis. Comprehensive consideration of potential risks from human health and environmental exposure, regulatory compliance, third-party liability and litigation potential facilitates effective distribution of risk-reduction resources on a prioritized basis.

Vapor Intrusion Risk Assessment

GSI is a leader in helping clients to effectively manage the complex regulations, technical challenges, and potential liabilities associated with vapor intrusion. Our data-driven approach to site characterization emphasizes differentiation of potential subsurface and indoor vapor sources, evaluation of fate and transport of volatile organic chemicals, and human health exposure risk.

Risk-Based Corrective Action

A global leader in Risk-Based Corrective Action for over 20 years, GSI has assisted state agencies in developing regulatory programs, provided RBCA training to regulators and the regulated community world-wide, and helped clients to implement sound, consistent and cost-effective site management solutions in 45 states. GSI’s RCBA Toolkit, used worldwide, is the only ASTM-recognized RBCA software.

Human Health Risk Assessment

GSI has successfully performed hundreds of human health risk assessments involving site conceptual modeling, exposure assessment, toxicity assessment and characterization of exposure risks. Our comprehensive findings provide critical knowledge to our clients about the nature and scope of human health risks, and invaluable insights for determining follow up actions.

Ecological Risk Assessment

GSI conducts Screening-Level and Baseline Ecological Risk Assessments to appropriately characterize potential impacts at petrochemical, manufacturing and land development sites. For properties requiring evaluation beyond a SLERA, our expertise includes identification of potential eco receptors and developing appropriate targets for chemicals of concern that protect local ecologies.