GSI Software Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

RBCA Toolkit Software FAQs

  1. Run-Time Error 1004 when using RBCA Tool Kit
  2. Run-time error  1004 while attempting to register a RBCA Tool Kit product
  3. Run-Time Error 1004 on Windows Vista/7 Operating Systems
  4. Is there a way to enter soil gas data directly?
  5. How do I install the RBCA Tool Kit?
  6. How do I reinstall the RBCA ToolKit?
  7. How do I get a security code when the "Get Security Code On-line" button is grayed out?
  8. The RBCA Tool Kit fails at startup. What does "Run-time error '91': Object variable or With block variable not set" mean?
  9. Why does the RBCA Tool Kit not work after updating to Office 2000/XP?
  10. Why do I get a "Type Mismatch" Error at startup?
  11. Can I run the RBCA Tool Kit in non-English versions of Office and Windows?
  12. RBCA Tool Kit not work after updating to Office 2000/XP
  13. How do I find and install updates to the RBCA Tool Kit?
  14. Why is Lead Not Included in the Chemical Database?
  15. Why do my Forward and Backward Calculations Yield Different Results?
  16. How do I use the RBCA Tool Kit to calculate performance standards for a Groundwater Barrier Wall?
  17. How is the Upper Confidence Limit (UCL) calculated?
  18. What do the flags NA, NC, >, #VALUE and DIV/0! mean?
  19. How do I correctly input the affected soil zone and depth to water for the Soil Leaching to Groundwater pathway?
  20. On the Soil Parameters screen, why are there two input values for the affected soil area and the length parallel to the wind direction?
  21. What is the equation for groundwater to surface water dilution?
  22. Why are the values I get for soil volatilization different from the ASTM standard (PS-104-98)?
  23. Why are the saved input parameters different from what I put into the RBCA Tool Kit?
  24. Why does Excel crash upon clicking "Air Parameters"?
  25. How do I modify the Air Inhalation Rates?
  26. Can I have multiple customized chemical databases? How can I keep my custom chemical database if I have to reinstall the RBCA Tool Kit?
  27. I would like to make calculations for chemical "X", but it is not in the chemical database. What are the chemical properties for that chemical and how do I add it to the database?
  28. How do I contact Technical Support?